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  • Vermont's Freedom & Unity Chorus

Vermont's Freedom & Unity Chorus Members Join Singers From Across the World to Perform "When I Rise"

As we go forth in we recognize that many of our brothers and sisters are suffering and we hope that 2021 brings to our country and the world the peace and justice that is so desperately needed right now. To help usher in that peaceful time, we invite you to take a quiet moment to listen and contemplate the lyrics of "When I Rise," featuring several of our chorus members and director. In this new year, we recommit ourselves to our mission of performing music that represents the ongoing struggle for racial, social, economic and environmental justice – using our voices to ignite change, and transform hearts & minds.

And When I Rise / Waking Up Gatha (Shane Jewell, words Thich Nhat Hanh)

And when I rise let me rise like a bird, joyfully. And when I fall let me fall like a leaf, gracefully, without regrets.

And when I stand let me stand like a tree, rootedly. And when I walk, let me walk, like a lion, regally, strong and free.

Waking up this morning, I smile 24 brand new hours are before me I vow to live fully in each moment and to look on all beings with compassion.

And when I wake, let me wake, like sunrise, radiantly. And when I rest, let me rest, like sunset, contentedly, without worries.

And when I cry let me cry like the rain, cleansingly, with all my heart. And when I dream, let me dream, like a cloud, vividly, in my true home.


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