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Vermont's Freedom & Unity Chorus Web Site Goes Live!

Creating a new chorus and why you should join

Vermont's Freedom & Unity Chorus is a new choral group looking for singers who want to spread the message of Peace and Justice across the Green Mountain State. Given these troubling times where more and more people are being told they do not belong, this chorus will demonstrate through our music and our singers that ALL voices are welcome in this chorus and in this state.

We are excited to announce that the web site for Vermont's Freedom & Unity Chorus is now live! Please visit the About Us page where you will find our mission statement, rehearsal times and locations, and information about the director. If you want to be part of a chorus where you will have fun and also feel good about what you are doing, then please JOIN US!

Now that the web site has gone live, we will spend the next few weeks marketing the chorus and recruiting people to join. We would appreciate if you would share our web site with your friends to help us spread the word. Thanks so very much! #VermontsFreedomAndUnityChorus #GetOnThePeaceTrain

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